Statistical Me is an enjoyable way to consume and explore population statistics taken from the 2011 census data from the ABS.

You answer a set of questions about yourself and your household, but to obtain the correct answer you need to roll the weighted dice, with the probability of each answer coming up based on the actual census statistics. For example, answering the gender question should only take a roll or two, given the 51% female to 49% male data. However, trying to roll the WA answer to the "where do you live" question might be a bit trickier considering that only 10% of the population lives here, whilst NSW is more likely to come up more often with 32% of the population.

By answering the questions in this way you will get a mich better feel for the data than if you were just to look at the raw figures or percentages. You could be there for quite some time trying to pick a rare answer, and you'll appreciate just how unique you are despite most people thinking  that they are actually pretty average.


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Data Chompy Chomp

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5 web and iOS developers taking a break from working with big farming data to work with big government data: Jason Hutchens: Data Munger, Deployment Birther and Backend Handler. Jack Casey: Statistician, CSS Blitzer, Web Warrior and Jack of All Trades. Tris Harmer: CSS Blitzer, Web Warrior and Mega Integrator. Steve Wrathall: XML Avoider, SFX Sorcerer and Web Warrior. Rob Barnett: Data Munger, Twitterer, Presenter and Accidental Hashtagger


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